ELECTION NIGHT RECAP: Incumbents Andrews, Turner secure reelection; Leverett will be next House Representative

  • General Election results
    General Election results

Incumbent Sheriff Melvin Andrews secured his reelection by 814 votes over combined Republican challenger Jeri Lyn Berryman and write-in candidate Wesley McConnell during the Nov. 3 General Election. 

Andrews ended with 4,872 votes while Berryman and McConnell received 4,058 combined. Berryman took home 2,717 of the votes while write-in ballots, the majority for McConnell, totaled 1,343. 

Mike Turner will remain in his position as the District 4 representative on the Elbert County Board of Education after winning a 75.52 percent majority (1,552 votes) over challenger Lillvian Jones. Jones received 503 votes (24.48 percent). 

Republican Rob Leverett will be the next Representative for District 33 in the Georgia House after winning an over 70 percent majority in each county in the district over Democrat challenger Kerry Hamm. 

As the district encompasses all of Elbert and Lincoln Counties and portions of Columbia, Wilkes and Madison counties, Leverett’s highest full-county majority came from home with 72.06 percent (6,472 votes) compared to fellow Elbert County native Hamm’s 27.94 percent (2,509 votes). 

Lincoln County shortened Leverett’s majority to just 70.77 percent (3199 votes), the lowest majority of the five counties in the district. Hamm took home 29.23 percent (1321 votes) in Lincoln. 

Columbia County had the highest percentage for Leverett with 92.30 percent (563 votes) compared to Hamm’s 7.70 percent (47 votes). Leverett won with 75.08 percent (8,109 votes) in Madison and 76.80 percent (1,043 votes) in Wilkes compared to Hamm’s 24.92 percent (2,692 votes) in Madison and 23.20 percent (315 votes) in Wilkes. 

After tabulating the final unofficial results, Elbert County finished the night with a 74.62 percent turnout with 9,182 votes out of 12,305 registered voters. 

The record voter turnout in early in-person voting with a final total of 4,721 votes produced over half of the county’s total votes. Absentee ballots, received up until 7 p.m. Tuesday night, accounted for 2,053 votes. The remaining 2,408 votes were cast on Election Day.