Warner sees new challenge, better opportunity

Rusty Warner, Elbert County’s new economic developer, said Monday that he is leaving his job as a Director of Economic Development in Norcross for a “new challenge and better opportunity” and a place where “things are a little bit slower.”

The local economic development authority announced last week that it intends to hire Warner in a called meeting of the authority April 19.

“We (Warner and his wife) are getting a little bit older,” explained Warner, who expects to be working full-time with the Elbert County Development Authority sometime between May 1 and June 1. “We are looking forward to working hand-in-hand with a community where we think we can do a lot for them. We are excited about going into a community where we can be utilized.”

He resigned his position in Norcross last week but he intends to work at both his office there cleaning up loose ends (and helping hire his replacement) and in Elberton in the coming weeks.

“I’ve been there (Elberton) twice and all the bones are there.” said Warner. “The infrastructure is there. You’ve got what you need to revitalize the downtown area. You’ve got a pretty good Main Street program and businesses to work with downtown.” 

Warner’s resume says he is an “expert in the recruitment, retention and expansion of all type businesses.”

Warner replaces former economic developer Beth Eavenson, who took a position with the Georgia Department of Community Affairs in the fall of last year.

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