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Vann's Creek 12th celebration Dec. 1

Author Robert Jones will be the special guest speaker Saturday at 11 a.m. at the Sons of the American Revolution’s 12th Annual Battle of Vann’s Creek Commemoration Ceremony.

The ceremony will be held at the Richard B. Russell State Park’s Walter McNeely Pavilion.

The Battle of Vann’s Creek resulted in British Commander Boyd losing about 200 men, and perhaps because of this, the Patriots at Kettle Creek ( in Washington, Wilkes County) three days later would defeat these same Tory fighters.

Author Jones will be speaking on the battles surrounding Vann’s Creek during the American Revolution.

The general public – and especially the high school history students or classes – are invited to attend and hear Jones, a retired Colonel, speak on the local history-making events during the American Revolution.

Wreaths are presented by Sons of the American Revolution, Daughters of the American Revolution, patrons and any who wish to present.

Barbecue is free to the Color Guard and wives.

All others are asked to contribute $10 a plate.

For reservations call 706-283-1627.

This is the 12th ceremony since inauguration in 2007 when Rev. Jack Bozeman moderated the first ceremony.

Compatriot Stuart Lyle researched the battle, drafted the design and provided the cost to have an 8-foot monument manufactured and installed at Russell State Park in the swimming area parking lot.

To put the Vann’s Creek Battle in a prospective timetable of the American Revolution, the Southern Campaign was devised by the British to direct their limited resources to help win the war against the Patriots.

Gen. Cornwallis led the invasion of the British into the South beginning at Savannah and Charleston, South Carolina.

Their strategy was to recruit the Loyalist (Tories) and train them to fight against the Patriots (Whigs or Rebels).

But the British failed to recognize the Patriots outnumbered the Loyalist in the South.

After the defeat by the British in Savannah, Charleston and Camden and several smaller battles, the Patriots under the leadership of Nathanael Greene began to successfully inflict damage to the British.

As Gen. Greene said, “we inflict damage and retreat, we win some and lose some and retreat.”

Finally, the Patriots began to win major battles such as King’s Mountain, Cowpens and Gilford Courthouse.                                                   

The Battle at Vann’s Creek was commanded by Colonel Boyd who had been commissioned by Sir Henry Clinton to raise a band of Loyalists to “march to the royal standard” in Georgia. Starting out in North Carolina and continuing toward Augusta through South Carolina and Georgia, he “recruited” by forceful tactics until his company numbered from 700 men. 

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