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Youth softball camp provides big hits

Lady Blue Devils Katie Grace Johnson (left) and Lauren Hart (right) go over hitting techniques with 5-year-old Olivia Cleveland during the first Elbert County youth softball camp June 10 in the Devils’ hitting building. (Photo by Cary Best)

Some 30 little sluggers from across Elbert County turned out for the high school’s first youth softball camp June 10-12.

Rain and water-logged ball fields didn’t damper  ball player spirits as the campers moved into the school’s hitting building.     Lady Blue Devil coaches and players taught enthusiastic girls as young as five years old the fundamentals of the sport.

A hands-on batting practice began to take place as the girls divided up into small groups.

Assistant coach Katie Archer placed her hands around 9-year-old Ella Harris’ hands while the camper gripped her bat. Coach Archer helped Harris swing the bat level through the tee.

Similar scenes took place throughout the morning as each group rotated to different stations.

Five-year-old Olivia Cleveland cracked a large smile after Lady Devil Katie Grace Johnson helped her make solid contact with the ball.

After batting practice, head coach Cherish Ingram asked the campers what they had learned about hitting. Then, Coach Ingram followed up that group conversation with a true soft pitch.

“How many liked their group leaders?”

The campers responded with laughter and smiles.    

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