Diamond Devils wrap up summer

Above, Diamond Devil head coach Lance Ingram reacts while talking with rising sophomore infielder Carson Adams during a June 27 scrimmage against Clarke Central on Devils Field in Elberton. Below, rising senior Carson Pullen pitches during Elbert County’s summer scrimmage against Clarke Central June 27 on Devils Field in Elberton. (Photos by Cary Best)

There was a lighter atmosphere in the clubhouse as the Diamond Devils wrapped up their summer workouts June 27.

Head coach Lance Ingram sent over a dozen-and-a-half players into the offseason scrimmage against Clarke Central.

The batting lineup, which varied almost every inning produced enough hits to keep Ingram satisfied and there wouldn’t be running drills afterwards.

Rising senior Carson Pullen, who was one of Elbert’s starting catchers last season, had pitched in the Devil’s 8-5 win over Clarke.

Elbert had played 25 games in the last month, searching for potential new starters and building upon the skills of its returning ones.

The long hot summer workouts had taken its toll on the players, and the Devils let out a big sigh of relief when the timed outing came to a close.

“I know they’re tired,” said Coach Ingram. “We’ve got a lot playing more than one sport. I’d call it a pretty successful summer.”

In a positive sign for Devil fans, Ingram said Elbert had won about three-fourths of the summer games in which runs and outs are less important than getting good looks for several players in different positions.

“We got some guys playing up and we got some young guys who got to step up,” Ingram explained. “We’ve done a pretty good job this summer – played pretty well this summer for the most part. We found some guys who can play some spots, and that’s kind of the object of the summer. I’m excited about it. It’s a long time now, but I’m ready to get going.”

While Ingram and his Diamond Devils face another eight months before they can throw out the first pitch of their spring season, the coaches and players know that without summer workouts the offseason slide would be worse.

“With a layoff, I think we realize how much you lose,” Ingram said. “They’re some things we did [during the summer], which I don’t think will be an issue during the season. When we’re practicing everyday and working everyday, we’ll get that taken care of. They played hard. I couldn’t ask for anything else.”

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