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Devils host weightlifting competition

Elbert County High School senior Gavin Brady (right) accepts  the winning trophy from Blue Devil coach David Robertson (left) during a weightlifting competition Aug. 3 at Bodyplex in Elberton. (Photo by Cary Best)

Over 20 athletes participated in a weightlifting competition at Bodyplex Aug. 3 in Elberton.

The Elbert County High School football team  held the community outreach event to celebrate the end of its summer training and testing program.

Several members of the high school wrestling team and members of the general public joined the football players in the contest.

Judges took participants’ total combined weight lifted in bench press, clean and dead lift divided by their bodyweight to determine the winners.

Elbert County High school senior Gavin Brady edged out junior Levi Baughman by one tenth of a point (5.4-5.3)

Brady, who tipped the scales at 180 pounds, won by benching 325 pounds, cleaning 350 and dead lifting 300 for a total combined lift of 975 pounds (975/180) or 5.4 points.

The weightlifting champion, who has been working out five days a week for an hour each session during the summer, said he is motivated to win a state wrestling title during his last season.

“I try to do everything right so it pays off,” Brady said. “In wrestling you’ve got to be strong. When you’re strong you control your opponent.”

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