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Development authority approves Leverett-Jenkins negotiations

The Development Authority of Elbert County, Elberton and Bowman approved allowing attorney Rob Leverett to negotiate a settlement proposal with Elberton City Attorney Steve Jenkins over issues related to the city taking back unused portions of the industrial park that have been marketed by the authority since the 1990s.

The authority approved authorizing Leverett to negotiate with the city at Thursday’s regularly scheduled meeting of the authority at the development authority’s office on the Athens Technical College’s Elberton campus.

Prior to approving Leverett’s negotiations, the authority went behind closed doors to discuss “real estate” and “settlement of potential claims.”

The city had asked, through a letter written by Jenkins in September, the authority to deed back to the city unused parcels of land in the industrial park.

Jenkins had asked the authority to reply to the letter within 10 days, but on Oct. 12 Leverett wrote to Jenkins that he could not repond on the authority’s behalf within the city’s 10-day deadline.

“I have yet been able to complete my review of the issues and report back to the authority,” Leverett wrote. “I recognize the gravity of the city’s request, however, and will endeavor to respond as expeditiously as possible.”

The City of Elberton has pulled its funding from the development authority and the City of Bowman is also withholding funding from the authority.

Last month, City of Bowman Mayor Mark Berryman proposed a compromise in which both cities would restore funding if the development authority fired Economic Developer Rusty Warner.


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