Orr is 'hitting the ground running'


The Time Capsule has a new face of ownership — Colette Orr — and she’s “hit the ground running” since she bought the event venue in September.

According to Colette, The Time Capsule “fell into my lap” after she moved to Elberton to pursue other dreams.

“I came to Elberton in July for that building,” Colette said as she pointed to a building across the street from the Time Capsule’s North Oliver address.

Across the street, Colette said she wanted to — and still wants to — create a building for “youth to pursue dreams.” Colette’s vision includes a visual and performing arts haven for teenagers to utilize their gifts.

“So many kids have gifts that are untapped,” she said. “I want to give them a platform to create shows and productions … a place where they can take ‘weird’ and unusual talents and help them make something beautiful to tell a story.”

She said she also envisions a rooftop restaurant and coffee shop as a hang-out spot for youth.

With two daughters and a son who are artistically inclined, the purpose is near to her heart.

“When I was looking at the building over there, no one would touch it … the roof was caved in, but I still saw the potential in how amazing it could be,” she commented.

By pursuing that building, she found another avenue to becoming a business owner by getting to know Dr. Matthew Jenkins.

Dr. Jenkins also owned the dilapidated building Colette was looking at, in addition to The Time Capsule. He requested Colette’s help at the Time Capsule which eventually led to her buying it.

“It’s been a smooth transition, Dr. Jenkins and Jenny really helped and made it to where I could hit the ground running.”

According to Colette, she originally had no intention of purchasing the event venue, but the journey has been “so rewarding.”

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