Escaped inmates armed and dangerous

DA Parks White submits most recent photo of Dubose

Two Georgia Department of Corrections (DOC) inmates killed two Baldwin State Prison Corrections officers and escaped early Tuesday morning in Putnam County, and one of the inmates has ties to Elbert County, according to Elberton Police Chief Mark Welsh and Northern Judicial Circuit District Attorney Parks White.

The two men on the loose, according to DOC, are Ricky Dubose, age 24, and Danny Rowe, age 43. 

They were working as a part of a mobile work detail under state corrections officers’ supervision in Putnam County early on Tuesday morning.

According to DOC officials, the two men are armed with weapons they took from corrections officers early Tuesday morning. Authorities said the men were driving a dark green Honda Civic with tag number RBJ6601.

Welsh said Tuesday morning that he had information that Dubose has ties to Bowman and Danielsville.

Dubose was arrested in September of 2014 by the Elbert County Sheriff’s Office on charges that included armed robbery and aggravated assault, according to White.

White said in June of 2015 Dubose entered a plea of guilty on those charges and in exchange for the plea Dubose agreed to a sentence that would not allow him to be paroled until 2034. White said Tuesday morning that his office was seeking a life with no chance of parole sentence.

According to White, when Dubose was charged with robbery and assault he had already have seven previous felony convictions.

Dubose was charged with robbing and assaulting a gentlemen known as “River Bob,” Robert Van Horn.

Van Horn was known as a man who spent most of his time below the bridge that crosses Broad River between Elbert County and Madison County on Georgia Highway 72.

When Dubose was arrested on the armed robbery assault charges in September of 2014, Elbert County Sheriff’s Office Detention Center officials listed his home address as 2395 Roy Woods Road in Comer.

Photos of Dubose have been distributed by DOC officials, and The Elberton Star pulled photos from files provided by the sheriff’s office in September of 2014.

DOC officials said early Tuesday morning that the men “are extremely dangerous.”

The DOC release said that citizens should not approach these men because they took handguns from their shooting victims on Tuesday morning in Putnam County.

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