• EMH Authority Chairman Daniel Graves
    EMH Authority Chairman Daniel Graves

Specialty clinic will be opening in April

“I know Jimmy would want whatever was best for the hospital, and I support whatever the hospital wants,” said Jimmy Johnson’s wife, Shirley.

Elbert Memorial Hospital’s (EMH) Authority Board approved the opening of a new medical clinic that will facilitate the return of Dr. Louis Fernandez, a gynecologist who had once practiced at the hospital.

The announcement was made Tuesday night at the authority board’s February meeting.

The clinic, located on Laurel Drive, was recently refurbished with funding from the EMH Foundation’s Jimmy Johnson Endowment. 

“I know Jimmy would want whatever was best for the hospital, and I support whatever the hospital wants,” said Jimmy Johnson’s wife, Shirley. 

Dr. Fernandez, Dr. Shri Nadig (ear/nose/throat) and Dr. Stuart Babcock (general surgeon) have recently signed contractual arrangements with EMH to rotate at the clinic, which is located adjacent to Dr. Joe Campbell’s dental practice (46 Laurel Drive).

As a part of the arrangement, EMH contracted with Athena Health Electronic Medical Records to do the billing on behalf of the doctors.

According to EMH Chief Executive Officer Brandon Clary, the doctors will refer patients to EMH for “everything we could do here,” or to AnMed Health in Anderson, South Carolina for more complex medical and surgical procedures.

Clary said Dr. Fernandez will be at the clinic beginning on April 8 and Dr. Nadig will make his first appearance at the clinic on April 15.

Fernandez and Nadig will alternate Fridays at the clinic and will possibly add days as the practice grows.

Babcock will also join the practice and will see patients beginning April 14. He will complement current general surgery services at the hospital.

The hospital authority voted - again - unanimously to retain an advisory board called for in the hospital’s agreement with AnMed Health back in 2013.

The authority, in January, talked about amending the agreement to have an advisory board that would meet each month, but instead the board voted to have to board meet “at the call” of the authority. However, those discussions were conducted in a closed door session.

In last week’s meeting Authority Board Chairman Daniel Graves asked the board to rescind the vote from January and asked the board to - again - talk about amending the agreement with AnMed, only this time in an open meeting. Previously it had been said the advisory board had never met, but AnMed Health’s Garrick Chidester said last week the advisory board had met twice. Former authority members Jim Lloyd, Don Fortson and Bob Hardy were on that advisory board, according to minutes released to the newspaper by Clary. Although an advisory board member from the general public was called for in the agreement, no such member has ever been appointed.

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