Nguyen-win situation, first in his family to attend college

Nguyen, whose parents were born in Vietnam, created 'amazing' brand for ECCHS

Graduating senior Kevin Nguyen has been the guy behind the camera at Blue Devil News Network (BDNN) for the past few years, and if you’ve watched sports events, school news or any promotional videos from events at Elbert County Comprehensive High School (ECCHS) it’s because of his hard work and talent.

“Kevin has been our promoter, producer and director of BDNN,” said teacher Nat McCarty. “He started with us his junior year and has been amazing at creating a brand for our school with his work.”

Though it’s no doubt that Kevin has made his mark on ECCHS, Kevin says that ECCHS and the BDNN has made a monumental impact on him as well.

“I was always a quiet person,” Kevin admitted. “BDNN helped me get out there and boosted my confidence.”

According to Kevin, most of his skills are self-taught. “Ever since I was a kid I made videos for my parents … it’s just something fun I would do.”

In high school, Kevin started recording hype videos for Blue Devil sports for his own enjoyment.

When his videos started catching traction on their own, he become more committed and involved with school events.

“I’ve tried to make a foundation for BDNN and to create a legacy that goes on after I graduate,” he said.

Kevin credits much of his success and involvement with BDNN to Nat (Mr. McCarty) and Assistant Principal and CTAE Director Kim Fuller.

“Kevin has worked tirelessly making sure our school is put in the best light possible,” said Nat.

Kevin, whose parents are Vietnamese, was born and originally lived in Atlanta and moved to Elbert County as the age of 3. He is a first generation American citizen in his family and will be the first in his family to attend college.

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