Work is about to begin on the historic hotel.

Sam Elbert about to get a facelift

Elberton City Manager Lanier Dunn told council members the “t’s” had been crossed and the “i’s” had been dotted on the contract with the Cloverleaf Group LLC for restoration of the Samuel Elbert Hotel and construction would begin in the very near future.

Dunn told council members the contract had been signed, insurance had been obtained on the property and a property bond was in place, all prerequisites to the start of the restoration project.

Dunn stated a construction trailer had been moved onto the property and a walkthrough was scheduled for Wednesday.

Those visiting the pubic square during the day should begin to see work begin soon, although an exact date was not mentioned.

The Cloverleaf Group LLC was the low bidder for the restoration as well as other site improvements to the property.

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