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Four appear in U.S. Ninth House race

With Doug Collins (R) in session at the capitol, all four Republican challengers for the U.S. House of Representatives - District 9 seat took their shots at the incumbent, at times accusing him of pandering, liberal voting and basically not representing the people of Georgia’s House of Representatives Ninth District as he should.

The first question asked the challengers if the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) should be repealed and replaced, amended/adjusted or left as it is.

All four candidates said Obamacare had to go, with former representative Paul Broun dubbing it the “Unaffordable/Uncaring Act.” 

Mike Scupin suggested a bill called the Healthcare Compact Agreement he helped push through a few years go.

When asked how the problem of undocumented immigrants should be dealt with, all four candidates preferred the term “illegal” to undocumented.

Bernie Fontaine told the audience putting 12 million illegal immigrants on a bus was not a workable solution. 

Fontaine said there was not one simple answer. He first said the border must be secured. Fontaine then said employers who were caught hiring illegal immigrants should be punished rather than the employee. 

Broun said until the border is secured nothing else matters and he wanted it secured today. 

Broun said both the Mexican and Canadian borders should be secured due to the influx of OTMs (other than Mexicans). 

Broun said no new laws were needed and that enforcing current laws would be sufficient. 

He also wants the military to man the border.

Scupin said the matter was a security problem and that the border must be secured or the problem will just get worse.

Roger Fitzpatrick asked the audience how many of them ever received a check when they got a speeding ticket. 

The candidate said a person breaking the law should not be rewarded. 

Calling them “illegal invaders,” Fitzpatrick also said many of those coming to America meant ill will to our nation.

When asked about the “orphan county” issue in Elbert, Franklin, Hart and Stephens counties, three of the four candidates said they had no idea what the issue was.

Broun, however, said people should be able to get TV stations from their own state, and then talked about the Windstream issue rather than the DMA issue. Broun also stated, “All Doug Collins has done about this issue is to write letters.” He stated he would enact legislation and had worked on it during his previous time in congress.

All four candidates were then asked what they would do to prevent Social Security from becoming insolvent.

Fitzpatrick stated 52 percent of the nation’s budget was taken up by Medicare, Social Security and Obamacare. 

He then said by 2033 those programs will consume all of the budget. 

“We need to move now so those paying into the system have benefits,” said Fitzpatrick. 

He believes the government should slowly shift away from the current plan to a private pay system. 

He called the current system a Ponzi scheme.

Fontaine said the Social Security system was meant to be a good thing but that “the road to hell was paved with good intentions.” 

He believes the government should get out of the Social Security business and allow people to take care of their own retirement.

Broun stated there was no money remaining in the Social Security fund as well as the Medicare fund. 

He stated congress had spent all of the money. 

“It’s a broken system,” said Broun. 

He stated Social Security was now a $200 trillion expenditure and the nation was now spending people’s grandchildren’s money.

Scupin said the constitution says nothing about Social Security. 

“That was wrong at its inception and should have never been started.” 

He said congress needs to find a system that locks it in for those who have paid into it but stop taking money from those who have yet to enter the system.

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