Disputed property

The City of Bowman has heard from Ty Cobb concerning the issue of who owns the MedLink building in Bowman. 
According to Bowman Mayor Pete Gibbons, Ty Cobb, who has been receiving rent from MedLink for the building for a number of years now, stated they were entitled to all the rent because they have maintained the building. 
The City of Bowman owns half the property and half the building but has received none of the revenue from the rent.
Gibbons talked about the condition of the building, stating there was much work to be done, including the repair of a leaky roof, and that he did not see where Ty Cobb had put any money into maintenance of the facility.
Cobb officials also said they would be open to selling the building and property to the city.
Gibbons also stated he had been in conversation with MedLink and they were anxious to continue their relationship with the city. 
Gibbons stated MedLink would be meeting with Ty Cobb in an effort to resolve the current impasse.
While Gibbons did not state the city would definitely be taking the matter to court, he did say the city would not rule out any options. 
Gibbons did suggest holding off any decisions until after MedLink officials had a chance to talk to Ty Cobb. 
At the city council meeting last week the council also heard the second reading of two ordinances and unanimously passed both.
The first ordinance approved charging businesses within the city limits a $50 business license fee each year.
The fee is due by Jan. 31 each year or a late fee will be charged. 
The late fee is $50 per month for each month the business does not purchase a license.
The vote was 5-0 in favor of the ordinance.
The second ordinance dealt with accessory structures. 
The city has had a problem recently with residents not complying with current ordinances and challenging the wording of the ordinance. 
The new ordinance replaces the existing one, clarifying the size, type and location for such structures.
The ordinance basically states a person cannot build an accessory structure larger than 20 percent of the main structure or 20 percent larger than the usable land. 
The ordinance applies to both structures built on site and those moved to the property.
A permit must be obtained seven days prior to placing the structure or beginning construction and must be located within setback requirements from other structures and from the property line.
When a question arose concerning the possibility of someone building a barn on their property, which could easily be larger than 20 percent of the main structure, City Attorney Douglas Kidd stated the property owner would have to obtain a variance from city council.
Councilman Scott Harpold restated the ordinance, stating the structure could not be 20 percent larger than the main structure or usable land, emphasizing the word “or” as he did so. “The word ‘or’ indicates you can use either one to meet the requirement,” said Harpold.

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