Bowman council adds disc golf

Councilman Scott Harpold did not sit idly by during his final regular meeting as a member this past Monday night. 

Instead, Harpold rallied for support for a disc golf course at the Bowman Park and received it.

Harpold presented three plans to council members, each with varying levels of equipment, and asked council members to approve the highest quality (or “Championship” level) equipment in an effort to draw disc golf clubs, groups and tournaments to the city of Bowman.

After a few questions by council members and one or two by incoming council members, the matter was put to a vote and council approved spending $3,410 in SPLOST funds for the 10-hole course.

Harpold was not the only member to be attending their final meeting as a member of city council. 

Gwinnett Bryant chose not to run for a fourth term and will step down at the end of the year after serving 12 years on council. She was recognized for her service by Mayor Pete Gibbons.

Mayor Pete Gibbons presented the 2016 budget to council members, which looks a lot like the 2015 budget with a few minor changes.

The 2015 budget was set with revenue expected to be $343,773 and expenditures slated for $305,075. The current budget is over by $13,162.

Gibbons’ tentative budget calls for revenue in 2016 to be $342,631 and expenditures to run $306,950.

A sticking point for council members seemed to be the amount set aside for travel expenses. The 2015 budget called for $8,000 in travel expenditures but to date only $2,270 of those funds have been used. The proposed budget calls for the same $8,000.

Council member Betty Jo Maxwell questioned leaving the number at $8,000 but the mayor said with two new council members coming on board he wanted to leave the funds there.

Council members will meet Wednesday in a called meeting at 11 a.m. to discuss the budget and again on Dec. 23 to approve the budget.

Gibbons also told council members he is scheduled to meet with Ty Cobb officials on Thursday in an attempt to come to an agreement on the future of the MedLink building. The city wants Ty Cobb Healthcare to deed the property to the city but the latest word from Ty Cobb was that they would be willing to sell it to the city.

Once the building belongs to the city, Bowman officials hope to apply for a grant to pay for much-needed repairs and maintenance.

Gibbons also asked council members to think about projects for the upcoming SPLOST vote. Gibbons told council members the city would have to approve a list of proposed projects in January and that with the city’s aging infrastructure, he would like to see those projects take priority.

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