• Not only is the walkway around the well getting a facelift, the city is looking into new trash cans as well.
    Not only is the walkway around the well getting a facelift, the city is looking into new trash cans as well.

Bowman continues to spruce up public square

Council members for the City of Bowman are continuing their effort to give the city a little facelift. 

With the sidewalk replaced along the front stretch of the public square, council members agreed to hire Georgia Imery Homes LLC to remove the concrete at the well and replace it with pavers. 

The project will cost the city approximately $28,000 with $21,000 going to Georgia Imery Homes LLC for the removal and replacement and $7,000 for the pavers, which the city will purchase. 

The project also calls for electric circuits to be run to the light poles on the square.

The work should begin within the next two weeks and be completed shortly after that.

Acting Mayor Clay Rooker told those gathered the health department will not come and look at a piece of dilapidated property within the city limits. 

According to Rooker, the health department will only get involved if it pertains to raw sewage.

City Attorney Douglas Kidd suggested the city’s code enforcement officer take photographs of the property located at 48 East Church Street and document the safety hazards. 

The city will also notify the property owner of the violation and if necessary, clean up the property and bill the property owner for the cost.

Along with making decisions about disc golf at the park, city officials are also looking for bids to repair the pavilion and gazebo. 

The city has so far only received one bid on the project.

Council members have also agreed to do away with work sessions and officially meet just once a month unless matters come up that require more than one meeting. 

Lane Eaton, who is lobbying the city to keep and install the disc golf equipment, is also offering free tennis lessons at the park beginning June 7 and running through June 30. 

Both youth and adults are encouraged to take advantage of the free classes which will run Tuesday mornings from 9 a.m. until 10:30 a.m.

Those interested in the classes can call 706-988-4639 for more information. Racquets will be provided.

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