Samuel Elbert Hotel falls just short of reaching 'break even' occupancy

City Manager Lanier Dunn reported last night during the city council’s regular meeting that the Samuel Elbert Hotel has averaged an occupancy of around 34 percent,  just shy of the hotel’s “break even” point of an occupancy rate of 36 percent.

With a year to date occupancy percentage of 39.3% for fiscal year 2019, which includes July through October, the average net income for the past four months comes to $10,839.

According to Dunn, October of this year has still been the best month for the hotel with an occupancy rate of 48.9% for a net income of $16,631.

Dunn also reported on a consideration of a request to declare surplus property for two properties in the city limits.

The council voted to approve property on Hillcrest Avenue as surplus property to be sold at a minimum of $5,000 and property known as the dead end of Bartlett Street as surplus property to be sold at a minimum of $7,500.

According to Mayor Larry Guest, the properties are “unusable land.” The city will take bids for the two properties.

The council unanimously approved 24 alcoholic beverage licenses to businesses for the calendar year of 2019 in the consent agenda, which brought in $40,000 in fees paid.

According to the report, the “Time Capsule” was not included in the list for alcoholic beverage license, as it as been sold and the new owners does not want an alcohol license at this time.

Guest stated that an underage undercover alcohol sales investigation operation was conducted in collaboration with City Marshal Allen Lee and Georgia Department of Revenue Alcohol and Tobacco special agents where 21 out of 25 businesses that were open were investigated with a minor trying to purchase alcohol which resulted in zero alcohol sales to a minor.

“The businesses did a great job of asking for licenses prior to making a sale,” said Lee.

During an underage undercover alcohol sales investigation conducted last year, four businesses were found in violation.

That number has been reduced 100 percent to zero businesses found in violation.

The council approved unanimously an ordinance to “amend the city charter to provide additional powers, duties and authority of the council with respect to municipal utilities.”

The council also approved a permit for the Twilight Stroll to the Granite Bowl which will take place on Friday, Jan. 4, 2019. The permit was signed by Dunn and City Police Chief Mark Welsh.

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