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Health upgrade at EMH

Hopsital brings 3D imaging technology to Elberton, surrounding communities

Elbert Memorial Hospital officials announced last week the hospital is bringing the latest in 3D imaging technology to Elberton and the surrounding communities and will be the only breast imaging facility in the area to offer 3D mammography for the detection of breast cancer.

"We are extremely pleased to offer 3D mammograpy,” said EMH Chief Executive Officer Kerry Trapnell in a news release last week. “Our customers have been asking for 3D, and we listened. We are committed to the fight against breast cancer. Technological breakthroughs in healthcare are changing the way we deal with the disease. The latest 3D technology is now helping detect breast cancer earlier and increasing a woman’s chances of survival.”

By offering women the latest technology in mammography, Elbert Memorial Hospital hopes to increase the number of women who will be routinely screened. Statistics indicate that one in eight women will develop breast cancer at some point in her lifetime.

“We believe 3D mammography will benefit all mammography patients, and it is especially valuable for women with dense breast tissue,” said breast care specialist, Diane Jensen, MD.

According to several studies, 3D mammography has been found to identify up to 40% more invasive cancers than conventional 2D mammography and reduces the need for additional images after screening mammograms.

Breast tomosynthesis is a revolutionary technology that allows radiologists to identify and characterize individual breast structures without the confusion of overlapping tissue. 

During a tomosynthesis exam, multiple breast images are taken in just seconds to produce a 3D image.

The radiologist looks through the tissue one millimeter at a time, seeing detail inside the breast in a way never before possible.

This leads to fewer callbacks and less anxiety for our patients.

“We are pleased to be leading the charge by offering this cutting-edge technology in a clinical setting,” said Trapnell.

“Being able to clearly see through the breast tissue may reduce the number of patients called back for additional imaging,” Dr. Jensen added.

According to the EMH news release last week, local patients can call their doctor to order a mammogram, then call 706-213-2579 to schedule an appointment.

EMH Director of Radiology Christie Yeargin is available at 706-213-2569 to answer any questions.

Those having a 3D mammogram at Elbert Memorial Hospital will receive a “HOPE is Always in Season” tote bag while supplies last.

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