ECCHS Principal Kouns provides school information for parents

Meeting at library covered the school's goals for the future

Elbert County Comprehensive High School Principal Jason Kouns gave an overview of the school and answered questions from parents at the Elbert County Library Thursday night. (Photo by Jones)

Although the crowd was modest, Elbert County Comprehensive High School Principal Jason Kouns didn’t hold back any information from a fast-paced hour-long information session at the Elbert County Library last Thursday night.

Along with school administrators Brian Turner, Kim Fuller and Shawn Rivers, and Elbert County Middle School Principal Sandee Drake, Kouns talked about the makeup of the school and goals for the school’s future.

The school, according to information from a Power Point presentation by  Kouns, has a population of 840 students, with 54.9 percent of the population white and 31.9 percent of the population black. Hispanic students make up 10.2 percent of the population. Overall, 62 percent of the school system gets a free or reduced lunch rate, while at the high school 65.1 percent of the students have an economic disadvantage.

There are 58 certified staff at the school, two counselors, a graduation coach, one social worker, one media specialist, one instructional technology specialist, one cafeteria manager, a registrar and a bookkeeper.

According to Kouns, there are four main goals at the high school:

• Goal No. 1 - Students will score at the proficient level or higher by an overall average of 10 percent on the Georgia Milestone, and/or a 35 percent on non-state related student learning objectives.

• Goal No. 2 - The high school will work toward making a five percent increase in the graduation rate, although the rate was at 82.8 percent a year ago and at a 83.5 percent rate this year so far.

• Goal No. 3 - The school will increase parent and community involvement and increase community partners in and on the ECCHS campus.

• Goal No. 4 - The high school will work to ensure that at least 90 percent of the students at ECCHS will miss fewer than 10 school days.

In the last three years, a staggering number of students have missed more than 10 academic days. In 2015-2016 the number was 35 percent, in 2016-2017 the number was 42 percent and in 2017-2018 the number was 45 percent.

Among the successes Kouns pointed out in the information session:

• ECCHS’s representation on the state school superintendent’s advisory council.

• A career pathway completion rate of 93.79 percent.

• The 2018 State Directors Cup Championship awarded by the Georgia High School Association.

• ECCHS’ acceptance rate for applicants at the University of Georgia was 83 percenrt, the highest in the state.

• Graduating students received $105,000 in scholarships from the community.

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