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Commission 'conspiracy'

Sweet City returns to court, renews suits to get special use permit to build landfill

Troy Colquitt, an Elberton City Council member, directs comments to Sweet City Attorney Michael Mayo, seated on the front row during the Elbert County Board of Commissioners’ hearing March 11 in the courtroom at the Elbert County Superior Court. The commissioners turned down Sweet City’s application to get EPA approval for a landfill. (Photo by Jones)

Sweet City Landfill, LLC has filed  documents in Elbert County Superior Court asking for a higher court’s review (writ of certiorari) of the Elbert County Commission’s March 18 decision to deny Sweet City’s attempts to develop a landfill project.

Additionally, Sweet City has filed a new suit in the same court, asking the court to recognize that Sweet City had filed its original request for a special use permit in 2009, while also asking for attorney’s fees, litigation costs and “an award for Sweet City and against” Commissioners Kenneth Ashworth, Chris Alexander, Horace Harper, Casey Freeman, Freddie Jones and Lee Vaughn, and County Manager Bob Thomas.

The court documents, filed in Elbert County Superior Court on April 10, also refer to upcoming oral arguments in the Georgia State Court of Appeals over a case last fall in which Superior Court Judge David Sweat rejected charges of conspiracy.

Those conspiracy charges were thrown out by Sweat, but according to court documents the state appeals court has agreed to hear oral arguments on the conspiracy, in which Sweet City claims a former set of Elbert County Commissioners conspired to deny Sweet City’s attempts to get permission to apply for a federal Environmental Protection Agency’s permit to build a landfill.

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