'Church-planting' missionaries

Hunt Family feels call from God to join team and spread the good news

Jake Hunt, whose father Mat is a native of Elbert County, grew up in South Carolina but has many connections with Elberton. He and his family have been in Prague, Czech Republic since 2010. Hunt was the speaker at the Rotary Club of Elberton last week.

As far as speakers go, it is rare that the Rotary Club of Elberton has a speaker who moves with his family (to a country formerly dominated by the Soviet Union) to re-establish a foothold of Christianity.

That changed last week.

The Hunt Family –Jake, Melissa, Sam, Foard and Eliza – “felt a call from God” to establish yet another church in Prague, Czech Republic last year after working in the country since 2010.

Jake and Melissa met while attending the University of Georgia, and they continued working in a campus ministry after graduating.

When they moved to Charlotte, North Carolina so Jake could attend Reformed Theological Seminary, they attended Uptown Church. That experience led Jake and Melissa to work with an organization called “Serge,” and they ended up visiting a “church planting” program in Prague.

In 2017 they started a group called DoSlova, a bilingual church that draws in Czechs and long-term residents of Prague. Jake is the church’s pastor, and Melissa coordinates a children’s ministry and mentors young women.

The trials and tribulations organizing a church after inheriting an environment in which the Soviet bloc nation once outlawed religion are many.

Jake said the nation is probably one of the least religious nations on the continent in Europe.

The church is located in a bar – that opens its doors as a church on Sunday mornings.

The church is almost ready to outgrow the bar, and currently Jake is looking for another place for his church to worship.

“We worship in a building where, six hours before, it was operating as a bar,” Jake to the Rotary Club of Elberton.

In order to read more about Jake and Melissa’s mission in Prague, go to give.serge.org, which provides information on the Serge program.

Donations to the organization may be made at the website.

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