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At second hearing, Bell says teachers, staff are 2020 budget priorities

Aspiring chefs were honored at Monday’s meeting of the Elbert County Board of Education. ‘Loaded Corn’ recipe presentation was made by Dixie McCarty (left) and Bridget Matthews (right) to L-R) Brody Howell and Thomas Barclay. (Photo by Jones)

In the second of four scheduled hearings for the Elbert County Board of Education’s 2019-2020 fiscal year budget, Superintendent Chuck talked about the BOE’s priority – teachers and staff.

Bell said the school district is taking advantage of Georgia Governor’s increase in Quality Basic Education funding that is intended to raise certified teachers and certified staff pay by $3,000.

“The Elbert County School district raise proposed in this year’s budget has been made possible by Governor Kemp’s raise funding and the (school) board’s wise financial management and planning,” Bell said.

Bell also pointed out that 86.2 percent of the Elbert County school district’s budget goes toward salaries and fringe benefits. The school system’s payroll totals approximately $26.3 million.

Last week at a work session the school board held the first of three hearings on the board’s budget proposal of approximately $30.5 million for the school year 2019-2020.

The school system will add just over $1.66 million more to its budget as compared to last year’s budget of $28.8 million.

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