KECB wants action

Representatives from KECB and the Humane Society address issues at BOC work session


In a work session held by the BOC last Thursday, Keep Elbert County Beautiful (KECB) representatives Bill Hood and Joe Ray addressed the board of commissioners in reference to the actions being taken against those who violate county dumping and littering laws. According to Code Enforcement Officer Patrick Hopp, the county has taken five illegal dumping/littering cases to court since March with an outcome of fines for the violator.

“Why don’t we put that in the paper?” asked Ray. “Until people know that Elbert County is serious about trash, dumps, everything in the world on side of the road, then these people will continue to do it … Until we get the mindset changed, one of the biggest thing we can do is let people know we’re serious about this.”

Ray and Hood said that while KECB is proactive in their efforts to educate the public on the harmful effects of littering and dumping, “enforcement is key.”

District 2 Commissioner Lee Vaughn suggested that the county do a monthly report of violators and fines issued from charges related to illegal dumping to be printed in the newspaper. 

“The ones you catch, you need to make a point of them,” said Hood. Ray followed that people have to be held “accountable.”

Bowman City Council member Carla Patten also addressed the BOC at their work session Thursday as a representative from the Elbert County Humane Society in reference issues with county animal control.

“With the job opening for Code Enforcement Officer, I didn’t notice that in the description,” said Patten.

Thomas responded that the county animal control will now be placed under the responsibility of the sheriff’s office.

Patten said there is a large concern with phones not being answered when people call county animal control. Thomas responded by claiming that now someone will be able to answer animal control calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week  with it being under the control of the sheriff’s office.

Patten also made mention that there is a concern that animals are not being adopted out of the county animal control.

According to Hopp, the county animal shelter works with four to five animal rescues out of the Atlanta area. “Every week they pull animals from us,” Hopp claimed.

Thomas offered to allow the Humane Society to “take over” animal control and have the county pay them.

“We can’t do that and we know it takes a lot of time to get something like that started … you do have to have a lot of donations so it takes years to work on that,” Patten responded.

Patten suggested that the county look into “partnering” with the Northeast Georgia Animal Shelter located in Lavonia for a fee with volunteers from the humane society transporting the animals from Elbert to Lavonia.

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