KECB sponsors recycling ‘happy hour’ Saturday at Elberton Recycling Center

Keep Elbert County Beautiful (KECB) will be sponsoring a recycling “happy hour” on Saturday, June 4 at the City of Elberton’s Recycling Center on MLK Boulevard.

The event will take place between 8 a.m. and noon.

This is an opportunity to get rid of hard to recycle items.

Items accepted at this event include:

• Batteries -  car batteries, rechargeable batteries, and disposable batteries (all sizes).

• Electronics -  microwaves, computers, radios, fans, printers, appliances, water heaters, etc.

• Automobile tires - $2 fee per tire.  Tractor and large truck tires are $4 each (there is no limit but there should be no commercial sources). 

• Televisions and computer monitors - $2 fee required for each unit.

• Toner cartridges for printers will be donated to the Special Olympics through Elbert County Comprhensive High School.

• No paint, chemicals or construction materials will be accepted at this time.

Regularly accepted items include aluminum cans, cardboard, glass, metal, magazines, newpapers, office paper and plastics (No. 1 and No. 2)

For information contact KECB Executive Director Laura Settembrino at or call 706-567-0481.

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