Elberton Police Department holds annual 'Shop with Cops' program

Partcipating in the 'Shop with Cops' program are (L-R) Bryson Fowler, Elberton Police Chief Mark Welsh, Jake Robertson, Jocelynn Cahoon and Captain Darin Rucker (Photo by Toney)

The Elberton Police Department (EPD) participated in their annual “Shop with Cops” program on Dec. 20 in which 22 middle school aged students were given a $100 gift card to Wal-Mart by police officers who helped them shop around the store.

According to Captain Darin Rucker, EPD’s Community Relations and Special Operations Division Officer who oversees the program, the students were chosen for the program based on those in need and were selected by Elbert County Middle School Principal Sandee Drake and Social Worker Kate Johnson.

According to EPD Chief Mark Welsh, the funds for the program are provided by a grant through Wal-Mart along with money from local donors, including some of the officers themselves. “We just want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. We’ve seen a lot of good smiles today,” said Welsh.

The police department has participated in the program for the last ten years, with many of their officers coming in to volunteer to shop with the students on their days off or after a long shift. 

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