Elbert County WWII vet waged war from floor of South Pacific

A touch of fall, with a slightly gray sky and the hint of a chill in the air, fell upon the residence at Maxwell Farm Road a few weeks ago when Chandler Maxwell and his wife Louise welcomed a guest so that Chandler could record a little history.

“She doesn’t want to hear it,” says Chandler, referring to his wife of 70 years (going on 71). He explains that she’s heard “it” before, especially in the days when he and Louise would travel to places all over the country to meet with his “submariner” buddies at reunions.

“It,” of course, centers around the epic sea battles of World War II in the South Pacific, and Chandler can, remarkably, take you to a place where one of those epic episodes occurred. Remarkable because the ending was improbable and remarkable because 75 years later Chandler can talk you down into a submarine on the floor of the South Pacific Ocean and tell you what happened to him and his fellow submariners.

“March 23, 1943,” Chandler says more than once because the date still clearly comes to mind more than 75 years later. It very, very easily could have become his and his buddies’ last day to live and breathe.


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