Elbert County UMCs are ‘backing the blue’


Four churches donate gift cards to local police, sheriff’s office personnel

  • (Photo by Jones)
    (Photo by Jones)

Four churches in Elbert County – Bethlehem United Methodist Church, Elberton First United Methodist Church, Middleton United Methodist Church and Woodlawn Methodist Church donated $20 Ingles gift cards to 70 sheriff’s officers and 23 police officers in Elbert County last week. “They need to know their work is appreciated and to let them know they are cared for and prayed for,” said Rev. John Moore at the presentation Wednesday, Aug. 19.  Shown at the presentation are Lay Leader Penny Langston, Lay Leader Diane Culpepper, Elbert County Sheriff Office’s Shane Allen, Rev. Moore, ESCO’s Darren Scarborough, Rev. Jim McCullough, Elberton Police Department’s Mike Seymour, Rev. John Keeler, Lay Leader Johnny Lutz and EFUMC Youth Director Ali Sudderth. Rev. Moore said the gifts are intended as an encouragement to law enforcement and that the churches want citizens to “show public and visible signs in support of our local law enforcement and police.”