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Salvation Army sends emergency disaster relief team to Carolinas for Hurricane Florence

A team from the Elberton Salvation Army  -- Mary Jo Dye and Haley Fortson -- left at 5 a.m. Wednesday morning to “pre-stage” for Hurricane Florence in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The team of two will be distributing food services when the storm strikes and will stay in the area throughout the next 7 to 10 days to assist before and after the hurricane hits land.

Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services Director Lanita A. Lloyd out of the Georgia Divisional Headquarters in Norcross visited Elberton Tuesday to brief the team on the organization’s latest efforts to assist victims of Hurricane Florence and to direct the team’s plans.

According to Lloyd, four canteens from Georgia are set to pre-stage in the Carolinas. With the Salvation Army having 21 canteens all over the state of Georgia, the remaining 17 will be sent out accordingly after disaster strikes.

Dye and Fortson will be taking a smaller canteen from the Valdosta Salvation Army. Elberton’s large canteen will be held until after the hurricane hits, so that it can be sent to where it is most needed.

While the smaller canteens are used to distribute food, Dye and Fortson will not be cooking food. The large canteen, along with a team from Elberton, will be sent out later for cooking.

“We appreciate the volunteerism in Elberton and their desire to help those who are affected by disasters,” said Lloyd. “Elberton has a great team of experienced volunteers.”

Lloyd also stated that volunteers are always in need, and those who are interested in becoming volunteers to help in emergency disasters can contact Donna Christian at the Elberton Salvation Army. Prep classes and background checks are free of charge for those interested.

Those who wish to send donations can designate them to the Elberton Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services. 

Dye and Fortson are both experienced volunteers who have gone on over a dozen emergency disaster relief trips collectively, including to St. Mary’s and Houston last year after Hurricanes Irma and Harvey struck.

Dye said this is her first time going on a trip “pre-disaster.”

“I’m anxious ... but confident in the organizational skills of the Salvation Army. I know they will take care of us,” she said.

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