In murder trial, Tia Allen admits affair in testimony

Sherman Allen's trial will continue into next week

Sherman Allen (in yellow shirt), charged in the murder of Treston Smith in 2017, listens to testimony Friday in Elbert County Superior Court. (Photo by Toney)

Friday in the ongoing murder trial of Sherman Allen, Allen’s fiancé Tia Allen testified that she considered herself Sherman’s wife although the couple had never formally married.

Sherman Allen is charged with malice murder, two counts of felony murder, two counts of aggravated assault and aggravated battery in a murder trial that began earlier this week.

He is charged with the beating and kicking death of his cousin, Treston G. Smith, on March 16, 2017 in the parking lot of Pyramid Petro on Athens Highway.

In testimony, Tia admitted Friday that she and Treston were having an affair three months prior to the deadly encounter at Pyramid Petro.

Sherman drove to Pyramid Petro and found Treston and Tia together in Tia’s car. Tia drove away before Treston and Sherman engaged in a deadly fight.

According to Tia’s testimony, Tia and Sherman had been in a relationship and living together for 14 years. Tia and Sherman have three children ages 15, 13 and five, two of which are Sherman’s biological children.

Tia said that her affair with Treston began in Dec. 2016 as “good friends” who would “talk about problems” before it escalated to a physical relationship in Feb. 2017.

Tia had met Treston at Pyramid Petro around 3 a.m. before leaving to start her 5 a.m. shift at her job in Athens that morning.

Tia admitted that she and Treston would meet at night and that she would ride with Treston to go to her friend’s house in Atlanta for “a few hours,” either while Sherman was asleep or at work.

A few weeks before the deadly encounter, Sherman asked Tia if she was having an affair with Treston. Tia testified that she denied having an affair with Treston and Sherman “let it go.”

According to Tia, she and Sherman had a conversation about Sherman working less hours in an effort to spend more time together to strengthen their relationship.

Tia said that Sherman made good on his promise, but she continued her affair with Treston.

The night of the incident, Tia said that she and Treston met for only a few minutes before Sherman arrived in the parking lot of Pyramid Petro.

Tia said that Sherman approached her car, banging on her driver’s side window and said “B____ what are you doing?”

Tia said that she immediately drove off and went straight to work in Athens.

According to Tia, Sherman called her twice after she left the parking lot of Pyramid Petro that night. Tia answered the first time and claimed that Sherman said “Baby, please come home so we can talk.” Tia said that she told Sherman they would talk when she got home from work.

Sherman was arrested and charged with Treston’s death before Tia’s shift ended.

Superior Court Judge Jeff Malcom said he had set aside two weeks for Sherman Allen’s trial.


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