'Absolute deal breaker'

Amy Carter (left) and Leslie Friedman (right)

If cities, county can't work together, Chamber speaker Carter says nothing will happen

Rural Georgia Initiatives Deputy Commissioner Amy Carter’s presentation at the Elbert County Chamber of Commerce’s Eggs and Issues Breakfast touched on many subjects, but one particular subject hit home like a ton of bricks. 

“The most important thing is for cities and counties to work together,” Carter told the crowd at Thursday’s breakfast at the Elberton Country Club. “If you can’t it is an absolute deal breaker.” 

Also speaking at the inaugural Issues and Eggs Breakfast were District 33’s Tom McCall of the Georgia House of Representatives and his son, Athens Tech’s Al McCall, who will be Elbert County’s Chamber of Commerce Chairman in Spring of 2019.

“Communities have to step up and take care of some of these challenges,” Carter told the Chamber gathering.

Georgia’s District 24 Senator Lee Anderson was scheduled to appear at Thursday’s Elbert County Chamber of Commerce event, but he pulled out to meet with U.S. Vice President Mike Pence, who was campaigning in Georgia for Republican gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp.

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